Infrastructure Beginnings


When we bought the farm in August 2006, there was no infrastructure in place.  The farm was leased to a local farmer from 2006 – 2016 so this was not an issue.  When we took the farm back in November 2016, the first thing we did was move a 40’ x 8’ steel storage container to the farm equipment site.  It is a water- tight structure used to store a 4-wheeler, small trailer, and tools.

We moved our large implements and trailers to the farm in 2016 and realized that an equipment shed was necessary to protect them from the weather.  We wanted a three-sided shed facing the east due to prevailing winds which are predominately from the southwest.  In the fall of 2016, we began work by digging 2' holes with a tractor auger for 18 footings.  Work was discontinued during the winter and resumed May 2017, when we helped a local contractor pour the footings.  We used a mobile concrete company to provide the concrete.  We had hoped to build the shed ourselves, but when construction of the frame began, we realized that it would require professional builders with specialized equipment and training to build it.  So we hired a local builder and his crew to build the shed during the summer and fall, 2017.  The walls are constructed of vertical boards, with battens covering the seams.  We were able to finish the shed ourselves, installing the battens during January and February, completing the shed in March 2018.  The 75’ x 20’shed with 5 bays is made of locally milled Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir with a tin roof.  


Initially, we drove to the equipment area on a primitive dirt road that runs along the edge of the farm ground on the north side of the property.  The dirt quickly turned to mud after a rain or snow storms, so road improvement was another priority in 2017.  A local dirt contractor built a driveway with a culvert to connect our property to the county road; and built the road out of 6” sandstone road base.  Since the road crossed a gas pipeline, we were required to get approval from the pipeline company before crossing it.  After the shed was completed, we had 60 yards 3” sandstone road base delivered in December 2017 which we spread around the exterior and inside the bays of the equipment shed.