The Framework of Regenerative Agriculture is made up of  principles based on four key Principles.  The first principle, "Improve Whole Agroecosystems" (the organisms and environment of an agricultural area) involves the enhancement of the four processes (water cycle, nutrient cycle, community dynamics, energy flow) to support the land.  The second principle, "Design & Decide Holistically" encompasses the development of specific designs that reflect the essence of each individual farm.  The third principle, "Ensure Reciprocal Relationships" is the development of just and interdependent community relationships .  The fourth principle, "Continually Grow & Evolve" emphasizes the advancement of individuals, farms, and communities to realize their full potential.

The exhibit below shows the four key Principles of Regenerative Agriculture. If you recall from the 6 Pillars of Carbon Farming, a number of the Pillars overlap with the Practices of Regenerative Agriculture. Regenerative Agriculture and Carbon Farming were developed exclusive to one another, however there is overlap in the practices and principles of the two.