Howdy!  We are Kenny and Patsy Smith.  We share a deep connection to the land and all things in nature.  Our passion is to heal the land and create healthy soils and ecosystems on our farm.  The love we have for the earth began at an early age for both of us.  We grew up in a simpler time, where we experienced nature by playing outside, hiking, and riding horses.  We developed a love for working with the land by planting gardens, composting, and recycling.  Our parents instilled a respect for the land that we have carried with us throughout our lives.

 We met at Texas A&M University where we both studied Agriculture; Kenny in Agronomy and Patsy in Animal Science.  This background laid the framework for our work in agriculture.  We owned a feed store and lawn and garden store; and later Kenny worked as a crop consultant and served as a county extension agent for Colorado State University.  Patsy and Kenny have raised a garden every year during their 40 years of marriage.  Patsy incorporates composting and preserving the harvest to complete the cycle.

We are excited to share our journey on Arcadia farm in Dove Creek, Colorado!

Our Personal Holistic Context

Quality of Life Statement

     Ø  Regenerative and thriving native habitat

     Ø  Strong and healthy bodies

     Ø  Financial security

     Ø  Significant relationships with family and friends

     Ø  Dynamic spiritual life

Achieving our Life Statement

     Ø  Embrace Regenerative Agriculture principles and practices; and share them through mentorship and  education outreach; 

     Ø  Create a stress free environment, adopt a nutrient-dense diet; and engage in physical work and leisure activities;

     Ø  Produce and generate our own food, water, and power; operate profitable enterprises and share fiscal responsibilities equally;

     Ø  Enjoy quality time and experiences with family, friends, and community;

     Ø  Experience and share God's love.

Future Resource Base

     Ø  We will be mentors who are passionate, healthy, and adventurous; with a commitment to simple living.

     Ø  We are financially sound and have ample reserves; and the farm is able to sustain itself.

     Ø  The land will be productive, green, and diverse in plants and animals; supported by effective water and mineral cycles, high energy flow, and dynamic biological communities.

     Ø  The community will be thriving with economic opportunities and a strong base of community services, supporting agriculture and natural resource industries.


"We have the world to live in on the condition that we will take good care of it.  And to take good care of it, we have to know it.  And to know it and to be willing to take care of it, we have to love it."                                                                                                                               Wendell Berry